New for May 2019: The NYSCAME/Suffolk ‘Division 4 Honors Ensemble’ Festival Nomination System will open soon on a completely new platform.  Directors of Music and NYSCAME/Suffolk Liaisons will receive more information at the May, 2019 NYSCAME meeting.  The new website for this nomination platform is:



NYSCAME Suffolk is an organization consisting of instructional leadership in Music Education in Suffolk County, New York State.  The purpose of our chapter is to

  • Promote high standards of administrative leadership in the area of music education 
  • Improve the competency of its members and the music education programs in Suffolk County, New York 
  • Cooperate with the New York State Education Department by providing technical guidance in its efforts to structure and implement projects designed to advance these educational programs 
  • Work with other music education instructional leadership organizations in an effort to advance appropriate and worthwhile professional endeavors

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